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          Jie's Travel Tips & Links
          Most people still pay way too much for Airfare and Hotels when they travel Internationally. Jie has a few tips
          for both Americans going to China, and Chinese traveling to America.
          BOOKING ONLINE- We still hear many horror stories about online booking, especially for International flights.
          The biggest problem is understanding the flight and fare restrictions. The second biggest complaint is the
          ability to contact Customer Service with questions and to make modifications.
           - Online Booking direct with the Airlines: Good ability for customer support, but no matter what specials they
          have they are still usually higher than from a Travel Agency or Online Agent such as Yahoo, Orbitz, etc.
           - Online Agents: Their prices are better than direct from the Airlines but very poor customer service and quite
          difficult when making date and flight changes.
           - Wholesale Agents: These are usually the very lowest prices and best customer support. They usually only
          specialize in a certain country. Example: XYZ-1 Agency sells only tickets to UK, or XYZ-2 Agency sells only
          tickets to Korea, etc. Because the sell for only specific countries and destinations, they get volume discounts
          you will not find direct, or with Online Agents such as Yahoo or Orbits.
          When Jie buys tickets in LA, it is always from a Wholesale Travel Agent who is Chinese if he is going to China.
          If going to Korea, he buys from a Wholesale Travel Agent who is Korean, etc.
          When flying from China to the United States or other destination, Jie always books the flights from local China
          Wholesale Travel Agents.
          Did You Know? A Wholesale Travel Agent who sells tickets for the major airlines, can actually sell them much
          lower price than buying direct from the major airline, but Customer Support is much better than Online Agents.
          Did You Know? All air tickets have a return date limit. The longer return date limits are usually more expensive.
          Be certain to ask the agent if the ticket is a 30, 60, 90, 120 days, or 12 month limit.
          Did You Know? Quotations from the US or most countries include all taxes. But quotations from China do not
          include the taxes and are often 50% more, or double when added on.
          Did You Know? When traveling to China, the easiest and least expensive China Visa is to wait and  get it in
          Hong Kong a day or two before entering China.  Most people think they must get the China Visa while in the US
          but there are few China Consulates and you must mail them or go through Visa brokers. Most hotels in Hong 
          Kong will arrange your Visa; same day, or 24 hour. There are usually not restrictions for Americans.
          Did You Know? When traveling to China or other countries it is inevitable you will eat bad food or tea from 
          unclean cups. The results are cramps and diarrhea. In many cases the toxic bacteria can last days. Jie has a 
          simple solution. Before traveling, buy a large quantity of Pepto Bismal tablets, or generic Bismuth Sulphate
          which is the active ingredient in Pepto Bismal.  Two to four tablets will usually kill all bacteria within minutes.
          For extreme poisoning, you may need to take doses two to four time daily for a day, or maybe two. There is
          nothing better to kill it.
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