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          Jie and also an Organic Farmer
          from the U.S. are latest victims
          of Poison Milk in China. [Details]
          As of September 25
          we have removed the
          Forum, Memberships,
          and Photo Gallery.
          We do not want to loose
          the focus and original
          intent of the Jie's World
          Our principle message
          was to inform the public
          about the danger of foods
          and food ingredients from
          Mainland China and to only
          promote the sale and use
          of Local Grown Foods.
          Today we sadley add the
          story of Jie who has now
          become a victim of the
          contaminated Melamine
          milk in China.
          Welcome to Jie's Photo Gallery!  
          Actually more than just exciting photo's, it has the ability to search and view all types of photo's, art, mp3,
          documents, and even some very fun video's.
          The Photo Gallery contains everything about the USA and China, not just about Jie.  Jie's Staff has created
          some very cool photo's and media in almost every category you can imagine, and we are updating the
          Gallery every day, every hour.
          With the help of Jie's Staff, Friends and Business associates in both the US and China, you can learn and
          review almost anything there is to know and see about both incredible countries.
           • Cultural, Travel, People, and Business photos, and video's about the U.S.A., Greater China, Hong Kong,
             Taiwan, and Macau
           • Business and Product information for U.S.A. and Greater China, including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau
          Whatever you need to know about the United States or China, you will find it here, ...in Jie's World.
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