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          Killing America: China Food Imports
            STORY HIGHLIGHTS- 
               An American family living and working in China
               An agricultural nightmare
               Factories and Agriculture don't mix
               Comparing our U.S. grown foods to China grown foods
               American Food Corporations in China
               Shipping China's crops and meats to America
               Why isn't America growing it's own safe food?
          By Jie's World staff
          As you may have already read on our website, Jie and his parents live and work in the heart of booming
          China.  Jie's father is a third generation American citizen and businessman, and his mother a Chinese
          citizen and a successful well educated business woman with multiple credentials in China business.
          Four things make them very qualified to write this news article regarding the dangers of Chinese Grown 
          Food products and China food imports to the United States...  
           - They live in China and travel in China extensively.
           - They buy their groceries in China and know the China agriculture business.
           - Jie's father is CEO of an American owned business consulting firm in Hong Kong and China since 2004.
           - Jie's mother is a professional legal translator and consultant to many Chinese and foreign corporations.
          Together, they know what's going on in China.  [ see Parents Bio's ]
          BEAUTIFUL CHINA- No one can deny the extreme beauty and pristine landscape in much of China. So
          much of China is simply breath taking, side to side, and North to South. That is what's so misleading to 
          most people.  ...if China was not stuffed with 1.3 billion people, and also the Factory of the World, it could 
          easily be the purest ecological and agricultural center of the world. Sadly, it has become the opposite.
          Besides battling it's overwhelming population and billowing factories, it has another physical characteristic
          that is pushing China to it's ecological demise.  ...it is mostly mountains and desert, not agricultural type 
          terrain as many believe. Though China is very large,only 15% of China's vast natural resources and land 
          are suitable flat land for use as agriculture, cities, or factories, ...and the factories and cities are winning. 
          There is very little unpolluted space remaining for growing safe food sources, crops and animals-  
           - It is 85% rough mountainous terrain, desert, and water
           - Less than 15% usable land
           - China's actual usable land is smaller than the State of Alaska
           - Desert is encroaching at the rate of nearly 1000 sq. miles annually
           - Extremely cold remote Mongolian northlands
           - 1.3 billion people and 20% of the world's population
           - The largest coal power production and pollution in the world
           - Acid Rain growing at a very high rate due to coal burning
           - Factory of the World
           - Largest DDT and pesticide manufacturer in the world
           - Largest user of DDT and pesticides in the world
           - Unrestricted and unregulated pollution and toxin emissions
          PRETTY POISON- If you lived and traveled in China extensively, you would soon realize that even now, 
          China is a dangerous ecological catastrophe. To be living in China, doing business, knowing these
          facts and viewing first hand is terrifying beyond words.  We look at each other and say, "this is where
          our food is grown"?
          China remains a "must see" to visit. The incredible history, the contrast of modern and near primitive,
          the history, the astounding new growth, and still it's natural beauty remains,  ...just extremely polluted,
          growing, and getting worse.  We think for a week or two tour, you will be thrilled, educated, enlightened
          and you will not be disappointed. After all, most of your home, life, and technology is Made In China.
          APPLES, WHEAT, AND...  It is bad enough to live in China and see the farms, growing conditions and
          ethic with your own eyes. But then to see orders of millions of tons of apples, fruits, vegetables, wheat,
          chicken, other foods and ingredients being shipped to the United States weekly... What's going on!!??
          The first response was, "I thought America grew it's own food". Then, "why isn't America growing more"?
          Then, "do they know how dangerous and contaminated things are here"?  It's quite a topic of conversation
          among most Americans and foreigners here. ...complete astonishment.  ..."what happened to America"?
          We knew all PC's and computer parts were made in China.  ...electronics, clothes, toys and gifts. But we
          have been most amazed to see that China manufactures most furniture you buy, bathrooms, kitchens,
          building materials. Just walk inside Home Depot or any other hardware store and you will see Little China. 
          Go into any American shopping mall and any store in the mall, ...clothing, skin care ingredients, phones,
          cameras, fashions, home decorations, furniture, motorcycles, car parts, toys, shoes, sporting goods,
          and the list is endless.  But what we never expected to see food, ...every type of food, vegetables, fruits,
          meats, poultry, prepared foods, candy, snacks, cookies, drinks, and food ingredients. Then the Mother of
          all fear, was when we saw the first orders of China Grown Organic foods!!  Organic Foods from China!.
          How do we know these facts. In the shipping and freight forwarding business we must know the exact
          commodity for pricing and import taxes, if any.  We know when we give quotations; we know when we
          ship; we know when we see the government reports and statistics.  We know what's being shipped from
          Mainland China; who is shipping it, and where it's going! Although some try to hide the true destination.
          EVEN CHINESE FEAR THEIR FOOD- We can offer further evidence of our alarm, and it gets worse.
          Eventhough China is the largest producer in the world, of apples, wheat and many other critical foods, the
          prices of fruits and vegetables are quite high locally, and the quality very low, and for some reason the
          general population tolerates the low quality. Or maybe their global seclusion gives them little comparison.
          But for those of us Americans and other foreigners; for those educated, informed and wealthy Chinese,
          there is so much fear of the food, that we don't eat it.  We either pay exorbitant prices for the Malaysian or 
          Japanese produce and meats, or we now have the option of supposedly, "organic grown" foods. 
          Yes, organic grown foods in China.  And eventhough the price of ORGANIC foods is 8-15 times more
          expensive than the normal high priced produce in China, the educated Chinese and foreigners are so
          terrified, they pay the high price and have now created an Organic boom in China that is growing faster 
          than the U.S. or any other country.
          SUPPOSSEDLY ORGANIC- We have a full selection now of nearly everything organic, and remember,
          at only 8 to 15 times more expensive than the normal high price of low quality foods in China.  The Organic
          boom now offers virtually everything you want. ...Organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, seasoning, spice, beef,
          pork, chicken, juices, dried fruits, snacks, chips, teas, and new this year is a huge Organic dairy facility
          opening in Mongolia (China) to meet the incredible demand of all the fearful educated consumers in China
          like us.  ...the selling price of this new Organic safe Chinese milk so we won't get cancer, birth defects,
          and die, is only 800% more expensive than the poison, toxic milk in China. Yes, 800% more, and people
          seem to complain as they walk out of the stores in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen by the case load.
          No educated person in China will buy food that is grown in China. We know where it comes from.
          IS IT REALLY SAFE & ORGANIC?  Please, we're in China... the home of perfect counterfeits, fakes products,
          copies, pirating, and under-the-table payments for any certification.  In all reality, ...counterfeit anything.
          Do we trust the safe Organic foods here in China? The answer is absolutely not, but we have no options
          since we must live here for business. We only hope, that the odds are more in our favor with an Organic
          sticker, and that at the very least, we hope they are better quality than what the general population buys.
          We have no choice.... You can see how fearful and desperate the Chinese consumer is in China.
          AMERICAN FOOD GROWN IN CHINA?  With complete shock, our first question is why? 
           - Why aren't we growing all our food in the United States?
           - Why are we trusting China grown food?
           - Why don't we know the food is from China?
           - If we have a shortage of a certain food or agricultural product, why not buy from another country?
          We are certain that our marketing report and the Jie's World website will be absolute shock and terror to
          99.9% of all America. Virtually no one in the United States realizes what has happened in the past five years,
          and most will even question our accuracy and sanity.  Not only does the American consumer not know
          this, but most grocers, farmers, growers, and local distributors don't know it.
          Why don't you realize your foods are from China?
           - Fine print, "Product of China" and not easily read
           - You don't look for a label because it may be a name brand you trust, such as
             Dole, Del Monte, Kraft, Gerber's, Bird's Eye, Nestles, P&G, Frito Lay, Tyson, etc.
           - Illegal and non-compliant labeling. Extremely common and not enforced
           - Bulk shipping to the US, but then local processing and packaging
           - Fresh products such as meats and produce have no government regulation
             Even if they had a Sunkist, Motts, or Chaquita label, they could be grown in China
           - Bulk sales such as grain, candy shops, produce or cookies require no labeling
           - Ingredients used in manufacturing, such a soup meat or vegetables, flour, eggs,
             glutens, dairy solids, preservatives, flavors and colors would not be seen or regulated
           - Medicine, pharmaceutical, cosmetic skin care, drinks, or nutrition ingredients would 
             not be noticed and are not regulated
          China grown, China processed, and China made are there, you just don't know it.
          IS IT REALLY THAT SERIOUS?  You need to realize the exterior of produce, meats, snacks or medicines
          show little about the toxic trace chemicals inside. They all look great on the outside.
          Fact- 30- 50% of all apples, mandarin orange, and packaged vegetable  products that Americans buy
          and consume since 2003 are grown and processed in China. The imports increase every year.
          Fruits & Vegetables-
          Let's assume that only the water and soil are contaminated. The air may be ok because it is in a secluded
          valley far from the large China cities.
           - All fruits, vegetables, and other crops are 50-90% water.
           - All their nutrition comes from the soil
          The beautiful apple you are eating is dangerous no matter how beautiful the fruit or scenery in the orchard. 
          Plants remove and store whatever is in the soil and water; nutrients or contaminants, that's their job.
          Meats & Poultry-
           - All animals eat, breath and drink
           - Even if they are fed grain or commercial meal, the animal food was probably grown in contaminated areas
           - They drink water, eat grasses, commercial grains, hay, and meals grown in China
          The animals store the pesticides, chemicals and other contaminants in their meat.
          Fish and Seafood are also very unsafe in China. The ponds and waterways are highly polluted in China.
          NO FDA OR USDA IN CHINA- It's difficult to also comprehend there is no control or inspection in China.
          In the US, when we buy products from our local supermarket, grocer, or meat markets, we know and trust
          they are tested and protected by USDA, or FDA. Even with the seemingly tight regulations, high standards, 
          ethic, and government regulation, America still has near monthly recalls on either meats, fruits or vegetables.
          Now imagine that up to 50% of some American food products are grown and processed in China.  These
          products are not grown, processed, inspected, or protected by USDA or FDA. They are not even inspected
          by US Customs when they enter the United States!  Products from China, or any other foreign country are
          completely exempt from any US Government regulation. Most Americans and Grocers in the United States
          DO NOT COMPREHEND....  Every law and agency and protections that Americans fought for and created
          in the past 50 years, DOES NOT EXIST IN CHINA.  ...not inspections, not regulations, not ethics, chemical
          and pesticide regulation, not pollution laws, not waste dumping laws, nothing.
          THE ETHIC IN CHINA- There will be some US distributors and food importers who will argue their foods
          are grown and raised in remote, clean ranches and farmlands.  ...we would like to see them. Even if by
          some chance the food is grown safely and uncontaminated there are too many other risk factors in China.
          As you must see on the news but still not totally comprehend, there is a completely different ethic and
          mind set in the Chinese culture. Whether a supervisor, vendor, or employee,  ...someone, or multiple
          people in the growing in the growing and processing with cheat to save 1/100 th of a cent. That is simply
          the way it is.  Every Chinese knows it; every foreign businessman knows it; every American manufacturer
          knows it, and they still close their eyes and let it happen. 
          Even if China was the purest land and environment in the world, the odds of any food being processed
          and exported safely is possibly the biggest gamble of any country in the world....
          This comment is not rude, or racist, or unfair, ...this is reality, and even most educated Chinese will tell you.
          THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT- We want to make it very clear; the Chinese government in Beijing absolutely
          do not condone or try and close their eyes to these problems. But they are in a battle with many factors:
           - Cultural ethic and change
           - Corporate responsibility
           - Corporate big money
           - Foreign Corporations who are in China for higher profits
           - Bursting economic growth
           - Lower level government corruption
           - Manufacturing growth
          No matter how pure the intent of the Government in Beijing, these factors have China by the tail, and will 
          have for many years and generations to come.
          Every day or week in the China news, we see alerts, exposure, and arrests regarding food contamination
          and dangerous activities. The government in China has not buried their head in the sand as some would
          mistakenly believe. They are simply overwhelmed with growth and change.
          America: if you think the U.S. Government could do a better job, just look at how many years it has take us
          to clean America; pass and enforce laws, and we still have serious problems.  Imagine China with 4.3
          times the population and an out-of-control economic boom. If Washington and State governments were
          were so competent then why are Americans still pushing for stronger food regulations, enforcement,
          and streaming to Organic Food Markets?
          CHINA'S AGRICULTURE- China is the same size as the United State
          AMERICA'S AGRICULTURE- Hopefully Jie's family and the Jie's World staff have jolted you with a new 
          awareness about your food source and the impact China really has on your life and health.  ...not just toys.
          For us, one final question remains un-answered.  ...what has happened to all our American farms, ranches,
          agriculture, and food production American's have been so proud of, and thought we had ?
          Why is America buying wheat, corn, beef, chicken, apples, fruits, vegetables, and milk products from the
          Peoples Republic of China?
          What has happened to the Government subsidy money we thought was protecting our farmers, ranchers,
          and important U.S. Agriculture?  Someone is asleep. We really want answers...
          Copyright © 2007 by Jie's World. Reprints, quotations, and copies by permission only.
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          Filed: 4 July 2007
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