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          Language 101- English & Mandarin Chinese
          The language department is still under development. We want our readers to have the opportunity to fully
          understand and see both cultures. However, right now our first priority is on the Local Grown foods, China's
          ecology, and offering realistic solutions to those immediate issues.
          No Credentials Necessary- Do You Speak English?
          The most important message from our Language Department is that although it would be interesting to 
          learn and understand the language of this emerging economic giant, the reality is that China's rapid growth
          has de pleated it's resource of good English speaking Chinese and is a vacuum for teacher's and instructors
          for the US and Canada who speak clear English.
          Whether you have a degree or teaching credentials or not, if you speak "clear" American english then you
          have a high paying job in China.
          Right now, America's export with the greatest demand in China is "any" person who speaks clear English.
          Not UK, or Australian, or East Indian English, but clear, easy to understand American English.
          America's Next Multi-millionaire- Deficient Learning Materials
          Besides the need for English speaking teachers, the next Language related product is a great need for a
           "good" learning programs in the form of books and DVD's that target and teach the younger age Chinese 
          children, ages 2-6 effectively. 
          The material and programs we see are very poorly done and difficult for the children to really absorb properly.
          Partly because they are British English influence, and partly because they really aren't well thought out and 
          easy to use or teach.  If you can put together an excellent Learning Course for those age groups in China, 
          you will be the next multi-millionaire in America.
          Will they buy your product?  There are thousands of schools and millions of parents with big bucks, that will
          pay big because their children and learning English are a priority you cannot comprehend.
          Our simple Jie's World Language 101 will be more complete and available here in a few weeks....
          Did You Know?  Every Chinese student in normal public school is taught English language and grammar 
          from Kindergarten to 12th grade.  However, they still graduate without the ability to speak English or have a 
          basic conversation. Why? Because they study mostly the grammar and rules, but not actually speaking the 
          language. The Chinese teachers who teach the English often only speak Chinese.
          Did You Know?  An American that speaks clear English, but has no teaching degree or credentials, can earn
          $20 - $40 per hour in China teaching Kindergarten children and tutoring. Very high pay with low cost of living.
          Did You Know?  Because the Chinese language has more than 2000 characters in their alphabet and multiple
          pitches, it is much simpler for them to learn the English language of only 26 letters. Their problem lies in 
          learning our vocabulary, slang's, and making the sounds of certain letters because those sounds are not in
          any of their 2000 characters. Their biggest difficulty are saying the sounds "L", "Th", and "R".
          Did You Know?  A normal Chinese has a unique ability to memorize long numbers at a glance. Something
          very difficult for foreigners to do.  For example, in Chinese banks, the employees and officers do not have their
          name on their "name tags", only their photo and an 8-10 digit employee number. A Chinese can glance at the 
          employee number and will memorize and remember as easily as if you were to memorize the name Sarah. 
          It is nothing special for a Chinese.
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