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          Main page All about China. All about America. Made In U.S.A. B2B Directory
          American Citizen, Born In China
            The Purpose of Jie's World website- 
             • An accurate Resource Center regarding U.S. and China environment, economics and cultures, ...not news media hype.
             • Stop the importation of fruits, vegetables, meats, ingredients, and all food products from China.
             • Local grown foods: Help establish a network in Ameriaca for growing, and distributing local grown foods profitably.
             • Help establish a valid U.S./China inspection system for food, toys and other toxic products.
             • Promote the Export of American made U.S. products and foods to other countries.
             • How can Americans now get rich from China's growth?  We will show you.
             • Awareness to reduce the land, air, and water pollution in both the U.S. and China.
          Why Jie's World Can Make a Difference
          There are very few Americans doing business in China who will be totally truthful with you...
          Since Jie's birth in September 2005, everyone commented how absolutely fortunate he was to be a product
          of two of the most powerful countries in the world, ...the United States of America, and the Republic of China.
          That fact is true....
          Jie's father is an American businessman from California with much International business experience, and
          his mother is a well educated Chinese businesswomen with a strong background in China tourism and
          China business logistics. Together, they both know the US and China cultures and economics inside and out.
          Although Jie is just now 2 years of age, he has already traveled throughout China and much of the US as
          his parents have conducted their daily global business activities.  [ see Parents Bio's ]
          How Jie's World Affects You
          Because of this unique heritage and cultural opportunity, the everyday comments with friends, family, and
          business associates in both countries is his world. ...how very interesting his daily life must be, and his
          daily in-depth exposure to the business and culture of these two giant economies. Everywhere they go, the
          questions are regarding his life in the other country. The Chinese friends, family and business contacts
          immediately ask, "what is it like in America? ...the American friends, family and business contacts ask, "what
          is it like in China"?  Both groups realize Jie's exposure and joint family experience is much more than the
          information they can get from a casual tourist or occasional business trip.
          Due to all the in depth questions and comments, it has often been suggested by their friends and office staff,
          ...why not post Jie's travelogue, photo's and experiences on the Internet so all of us can follow his journey?
          Finally, in July 2007, Jie's Dad and some of his staff decided to do just that, ...post Jie's World on the Internet!
          Not A Family Photo Album
          After much conversation with his Dad's office staff, they decided that Jie's World would not be so much a family
          photo album, but a virtual inside look and in-depth resource of  both World's.  ...what  they do, and will effectl
          all of us, not just Jie. No where is there such complete insight of both countries. If you lived and traveled daily
          in both countries, as tourists, residents, and doing business, ...what would you really see? ...what would you
          really know? The answer, ...very different than what you see and hear in the news.  ...very different.
          Focus On Safe Food, and Safe Environment
          Although most of our friends think Jie's life is extremely interesting, Jie's parents and staff have decided to
          dedicate 90% of the website to public education of safe food products and imports into the United States,
          and discuss the environmental and agricultural conditions in both the U.S. and China.
          Jie's Credentials
          Jie is an American baby, but born in China
           - Jie literally lives daily in both countries
           - Jie travels with his parents and office staff daily in both countries, states, and provinces.
           - Jie is a resident, a tourist, a student, and a young businessman in both countries.
           - Jie sees the factories, agriculture, hotels, restaurants and tourist spots of both Countries on a daily basis.
           - Jie meets the real people of both countries daily.
           - Jie has family in both countries. Grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, and sisters.
           - Jie knows the USA...
           - Jie knows China...
          Join him as he grows, travels, learns, lives, breathes, eats, and experiences both cultures and giant countries.
          Be a daily part of Jie's World.  ...the past, the very present, and it's future.
          Come and visit us here everyday. Learn the deep, inside truth and facts and updates of both Worlds. 
          Jie's World is your world, ...the United States, and China.
          Special thanks to: 
             American owned ALLMEDIAZ Software for the SAAS 5.0 B2B Directory and Photo Gallery modifications
             American owned Vidium Communications for the low price website Hosting & Database services
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          American baby born in China
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          Jie with mom and dad New Years 2007.
          More details...
          Melamine Milk: China
          Jie's family car. Traveling in America summer 2007.
          Jie's first love with the little girl in red. Morning Tea in Wuzhou China, Spring 2006.
          Jie- 2 years old
          Lady In Red- Jie's first love, 5 months
          Jie having lunch with relatives Orange County California June 2007.
          Jie's California family
          When traveling on International flights Jie's loves Korean Air with personal TV.
          Jie loves airplanes
          Jie at the family villiage and farm near Wuzhou China.
          Inspecting vegetables in China
          Jie's global heritage
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